Can COVID 19 affect children?

Yes, it can. But children may tolerate the disease better than adults with only mild flu like symptoms in the majority.

What are the common symptoms of COVID 19 disease in children?

Mild symptoms- low grade temperature, runny nose, cough may be associated with redness of skin and conjunctiva

Severe symptoms- High grade temperature, redness of eyes and mouth, red, non-itchy skin rash, pain abdomen or diarrhea. There can be associated severe cough –cold and breathing difficulty. In some patients in addition to the aforementioned symptoms there can be involvement of the heart muscles, known as myocarditis and /or involvement of the arteries that give blood supply to the muscles of the heart( coronary arteries).

How is the disease treated in children?

Mild symptoms generally pass off on their own and does not require treatment more than paracetamol( Crocin/Calpol). Your child should have nasopharyngeal swab test for COVID 19 if recommended by your child specialist. Home isolation is generally sufficient.

When do children require hospitalization?

It is for the severe symptoms as mentioned earlier that your child will be advised hospitalization.

What are the warning symptoms?

You should seek urgent medical attention for your child if any of these symptoms occur.

Persistent high grade temperature (>101o), decreased food intake and decreased urination, cold and sweaty hand and feet, repeated vomiting or diarrheal motion, breathing difficulty at rest and chest discomfort.