How to Take Care Of Children With Heart Disease

Children with heart disease have very special needs that have to be looked after


Is very important for all children. It is equally important or more for children with congenital heart disease to get vaccinated. Two vaccines need special mention. Number one Pneumococcal vaccine which is given from six weeks of age. There is no upper age limit, so if a child missed his Pneumococcal vaccine dose in early infancy, he/she can still get this vaccine. Number two is Influenza vaccine also called Flu vaccine. The first dose of Flu vaccine is given at six months of age. Babies with congenital heart disease, chronic heart disease should get both Pneumococcal and Influenza vaccine as per Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) guideline. This vaccines helps to prevent severity of respiratory illnesses to some extent.


Babies with congenital heart disease or older children who have untreated heart disease may have growth failure as their energy requirement is greater than their peers without heart problem. To maintain growth in these babies parents need to be careful about choosing the food that they offer their child to eat. Contrary to common belief that patients with heart disease should have diet restricted in salt and fat, children with heart disease need both salt and fat in their diet to maintain growth. There are only few exceptions and your cardiologist will indicate if there is any particular food that your baby can not eat.

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